BioOne Announces CrossRef Participation for all BioOne Journals

BioOne is pleased to announce an important new BioOne enhancement and researcher benefit.

BioOne has become a Sponsoring Member of CrossRef. All journals in BioOne will be included under this membership. A unique DOI (digital object identifier) prefix will be assigned to each journal. Incrementally, starting with current articles and working back to all earlier articles in the BioOne aggregation, each article will be assigned a DOI.

This is an important improvement of the BioOne service. As you may know, DOIs point to the location of content on the Internet and enable and facilitate linking among reference citations in the same or separate publications or databases. By assigning DOIs to all articles in all journals, this will provide unparalleled cross-citation linking and access for the full text aggregation… increasing online research efficiency and precision, and improving the online user experience.

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