BioOne Launches New Full-Text Collection: BioOne.2

BioOne ( is delighted to announce the successful launch of its new full-text collection, “BioOne.2.” BioOne.2 includes 41 titles from 26 publishers in the fields of organismal and integrative biology, including the Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology, the Field Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. BioOne.2 is also home to a number of prestigious international publications including six titles from Japan’s UniBio Press. Please visit BioOne at for a complete list of titles and publishers.

As with BioOne.1, many titles participating in BioOne.2 have not been available online until now. All participating titles will be available in full-text XML, providing for a sophisticated and fully-linked online presence.

Institutions may subscribe to BioOne.2 either in combination with BioOne.1 (at a discount) or as a separate subscription.

“We are delighted to launch BioOne.2 and provide this important content with a community-based home on the Web,” said BioOne Executive Director Susan Skomal. “BioOne.2 is an excellent reflection of BioOne’s mission, providing publishers with a not-for-profit electronic publishing alternative, and libraries with high-quality aggregated content at reasonable rates.”

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