BioOne Complete Now Offers CASA

As of July 9, campus-based BioOne Complete users will be able to access 
subscribed content off-campus through Google Scholar’s CASA initiative.
 CASA – Campus Activated Subscriber Access – is a program designed to 
streamline the researcher experience by eliminating interruptions in the 
access process from off-campus locations.

Once a researcher has accessed subscribed content on-campus (generally through IP access), CASA automatically notes this user’s affiliation, and creates a token. When a user returns to the subscribed content from an off-campus location, CASA shares this token with the publisher’s platform, granting the user access while requiring no additional action on their part. This access will remain active for 30 days, after which the user will have to return to campus to create a new token.

This new feature facilitates seamless access and encourages usage, particularly among researchers on the go. BioOne is pleased to add this feature to BioOne Complete’s growing suite of user tools and services.

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