BioOne Complete Quick Abstracts on Google Scholar

BioOne Complete abstract view in Google Scholar search resultsBioOne Complete abstracts are now included in Quick Abstracts, a new Google Scholar feature that gives researchers improved access to content on Android and Apple phones.

Quick Abstracts presents mobile Google Scholar users with branded, full abstracts from indexed articles related to their search as part of a clean and easy to browse user experience that links to the full text on the publisher’s site. Readers can also add the article to a favorites list and view related content, all from one preview screen. This list of favorites can then be accessed from any computer/device from the user’s Google Scholar account.

While most users do not read full-text articles on their phones, an increasing number use their mobile devices to search for articles to bookmark for later use. Quick Abstracts offers these users a more in-depth browsing experience, while making accessing this content more intuitive.

This feature is not only a critical adaption to a changing researcher workflow, but one that has the potential to drive increased usage to content published in BioOne Complete.

To read more, visit Google Scholar’s blog. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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